About The Cook County Trauma & Burn Unit

Our Unit is one of the largest trauma units in the United States.

It was also one of the first comprehensive trauma units. In 1966, Dr. Robert Freeark and Dr. Robert Baker conceived of a comprehensive trauma unit. This unit would provide a continuum of care for all seriously injured trauma patients beginning in the prehospital and resuscitation phases, through operative and post-operative or post-injury care and continuing on to the outpatient and rehabilitation settings. All phases of care are represented among our medical staff. The patient is cared for by the same team of physicians from their initial encounter in the resuscitation area throughout their hospital stay. Continuing the theme of comprehensive care, the same trauma nursing team works in the Trauma Resuscitation area, the Trauma observation area, and the Trauma Intensive Care Unit.


Cook County Trauma & Burn is a Center of Excellence within Cook County Health & Hospitals System and strives to meet the critical standards as both a Level 1 Trauma Center & Burn Center.

Patient Info

(312) 864-1000

Medical Staff

(312) 864-2730

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A continuum of care for all patients

Programs and classes offered through the American College of Surgeons, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) and American Burn Association can teach you a systematic, concise approach to the care of a trauma patient.

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